What Are The Best Vape Mods For 2017?

Whether you’re on the lookout for something to help you stop the bad habit of smoking, or just curious on which vape mods have topped the market this 2017, here’s a short guide to help you get started. Please bear in mind that down below is a guide based on other people’s testimonials, and at the end of the day, your decision still boils down to these questions:

“How much is your budget? Is battery life an issue? Are you particular with designs? Are you after the cloud or the flavor?” Considering all of these questions will help you find the best vape mod for your needs, but to make the search easier for you, here are some of the compiled brands based out of performance and customer testimonials.

Eleaf iStick 50W

The 50w model has taken the market by storm because of its maximum power output. If you’re not a fan of mechanical mods, the iStick may just work for you because of its variable wattage and voltage mode. Having said that, you can easily adjust these settings based on your personal preference.

While many vapers prefer the variable-type of mod, the common problem they’ve experienced is that some of these mods do not support low resistances. However, Eleaf iStick can support a resistance as low as 0.5 ohms! Battery wise, it already includes a built-in battery, so there’s no need to take it out and recharge every day. It has a 4400 mAh capacity and can last up to two days of uninterrupted vaping experience.

Yihi SX Mini M Class

If you’re not a fan of huge vape mods, the SX mini is just right for you. It allows you to set the variables, firing from 10 – 60W! Are you a chain vaper and worried that your device will get too hot? Don’t worry, this device has a temperature control functionality, which automatically shuts off whenever your device has exceeded the supported temperature range. Safe vaping for the win!

Kanger Kbox Mini

If you’re starting out, haven’t tried any vape mods yet, the Kbox Mini might just be a good option for you. Many people have tagged this as a beginner kit, and the reason is simple. Using it is pretty straightforward. There are no intimidating buttons or settings that can confuse you. You fire, and vape – basically that’s it.

Ranging at around $70, (what a steal!), the Kanger Kbox Mini has a slim, rounded corners, making it easier for you to bring it with you wherever you go! Its budget and design are just two of the reasons why this brand vaping starz has earned its spot here in our review for the best vape mods in 2017.

Still, can’t find the brand that’s for you? That’s alright! If the brand you’re eyeing for is not listed in this review, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy of your money. At the end of the day, it all depends on what your needs are, and what your budget is. Don’t be afraid to research, experiment and read consumer reviews. Make a list and make a deliberation until you find the right mod for you.

How To Choose The Best Vape Mods

For many people, their vaping journey will start and end with the starter kit. However, there are many others who want to customize the experience and turn their starter kit into a more advanced device. If you are considering this, you should look at different vape mods that could help you. Of course, it is important that you know how to choose the right vape mod for your needs.

What Is A Vape Mod?
What Is A Vape Mod?

What Is A Vape Mod?

Before you start looking at the different vape mods that you can buy, you need to know what this is. The term mod comes from the early days of vaporizers when people would disassemble devices and create their own modifications. Over time, this term started to include any device which has functions and capacities beyond the standard vaporizer. It is important to note that the definition of mods is still vague and there are many variable voltage batteries which market themselves as mods.

Knowing What You Need

If you want to buy the best vape mod https://vapingstarz.com/vaporizers/best-vape-mods-box-mods-and-ecig-mods, you have to consider what you need. To do this, you should think about how you vape now and how you would like this to change in the future. Once you start vaping, it is fairly easy to determine what features you need to have and what can be removed. You should consider if you want to create more vapor or if you need to increase your battery life.

Have A Budget

Before you start looking at mods, you need to have a budget. The amount that you are willing to spend will make it easier to shop for the mods. There is no sense in comparing the high-end models with the entry-level ones if you are only able to afford the entry-level mods. It is important to note that mods can range in price from $30 to over $150.

Battery Needs And Wattage

One of the most important points to consider when looking at vape mods are your battery needs and wattage. This will help you limit your mod field and ensure that the mod you buy actually works for you. If you do not vape regularly and your battery lasts for a few days, there is no reason to choose a mod that increases battery life. There is also no need in choosing a mod that offers 100 watts when you know that 15 will be enough for your vaping.

Your Knowledge

Many people do not realize that there is some required knowledge when it comes to advanced mods. When you buy a user-replaceable battery mod, you need to know about 18-series rechargeable batteries as well as their amp limits. If you do not have this knowledge, you will use the mod incorrectly and this could damage you base device. Mechanical mods should also be avoided by beginners as they do require more knowledge about how vaporizers work.

There are a number of points that you should consider when you look at buying the best vape mod. You have to determine what your needs are as well as your budget. You should also ensure that you have the right knowledge to use the mod.