Brain Sentry

We help make sports you love safer.

Unlike an injury like a ligament tear or shoulder sprain, brain injuries are not always apparent or easily detectable. As a result, athletes often continue playing without knowing they are at risk. Brain Sentry is on a mission to change this.

Understanding Sports-Related Brain Injuries

Brain Sentry monitors impacts and helps identify athletes that should be assessed for concussion. Brain Sentry helps coaches identify players with techniques that include excessive head/helmet contact.

Brain injury caused by a bump or jolt to the head
Second Impact Syndrome
Catastrophic brain swelling from a 2nd concussion
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Dementia caused by cumulative hits over years

The Epidemic of Under Reporting

Too often, athletes don’t want to be pulled out of the game, so they don’t communicate their concussion symptoms. It’s also possible they don’t even realize they have a concussion.


Percentage of players that athletic trainers say sustain concussions *


Percentage of teammates that players say experience concussions


Percentage of victims with catastrophic head injuries that continued to play with concussions


Percentage of sustained concussions diagnosed after players were given descriptions of symptoms without using the word "concussion"

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